Green Card general information

If you have done any research on the subject of immigrating to the United States you have probably come across lots of talk about green cards. This is something that you are going to have to get if you are planning on living in the US so you need to make sure that you understand what it is and what the requirements to get it are.

A green card is what qualifies you as a permanent resident of the United States. If your plan is to immigrate to the US you are going to have to get one. There are several ways that you can qualify but all of them are very competitive. Therefore you are going to want to make sure that you do some research to determine how likely it is that you will be able to get one. Since it is the first step on the road to becoming a citizen there are a lot of people who sell services to help people to qualify, you need to be very careful about using them as a lot of these are scams.

The way of getting a green card that is probably most familiar to people is the green card lottery. Technically this is called the diversity lottery and it exists for the purpose of making the US a more diverse country. In order to do this every year a certain number of green cards are made available to citizens of each country. There are basic rules about the requirements to be allowed to apply. If you qualify you will be added to the list and then a lottery will be held to determine who gets the cards. The winners are then free to move to the United States.

Although the green card lottery may be the best known way of getting into the US the way that actually allows for the most immigrants is the family based green card. This one requires that you have a close family member who is a citizen. Usually to qualify you have to have a parent, spouse of sibling who is a citizen. This person then has to sponsor you for a family visa and once this has been awarded you will be able to apply for your green card.

The last way that you can get a green card is by having a safe & sustainable job, these ones are not easy to get since in most cases it will be necessary for your employer to show that there are no Americans who can fill the job. The best chance that you have to qualify is to be highly skilled in a job for which there is high demand. That being said it is possible to qualify as an unskilled worker in some cases as well. In any case if you qualify for a work visa you will then be able to get a green card.