How the US copes with illegal immigration.

It is no secret that the United States has a problem with illegal immigrants. It is believed that every year there are more people who enter the country illegally than do it legally. At least that is the claim that is made by some, the truth is that nobody really knows how many illegal immigrants there are in the US. What we do know is that it is necessary to come up with a policy to deal with the problem. So how does the US cope with illegal immigration.

The answer to how the US copes with illegal immigration is not well. The subject is a hugely contentious issue that comes up during almost every election. The problem is that because it is so hard to immigrate to the United States legally there are lots of people doing it illegally. This makes it almost impossible to stop it and nobody really has a good solution to the problem. Not only that there is a huge difference of opinion on whether or not illegal immigration is even a problem.

Depending on who you ask in the US illegal immigration is either a huge crisis that threatens the entire country or a necessity that makes the country a better place. In reality both opinions have some merit. While there is certainly some validity to the claim that some illegal immigrants are criminals the reality is that most of them are not. The other claim that is made is that they take jobs away from Americans leading to unemployment. However in most cases the jobs that they take are almost always menial, unskilled jobs that few Americans want. In reality the economy couldn't function without the illegal immigrants to fill these jobs.

Opinion on what should be done about illegal immigrants usually depends on whether or not you think that it is a problem. Some people advocate building a big wall on the border and having the military patrol it. They also want to arrest and deport any illegal immigrants who are found in the country. Others think that illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty and allowed to become permanent residents. The result is a very confused policy in which security at the border has been stepped up and some illegal immigrants are being arrested and deported while others are being allowed to stay and take advantage of government services.

Given all of the arguments that have gone on about illegal immigration the best thing would be to come up with a coherent policy to deal with it. Clearly this is not going to happen, neither is the idea that it should be made easier to immigrate. That means that for the foreseeable future illegal immigration is going to be a problem for the United States that really has no solution. It also means that there will probably continue to be a flood of people entering the country illegally.