Public opinion towards immigration.

One thing that any immigrant to the US has to deal with is the way that the people already there react to them. This will go a long way to determining how much they like living in the United States. Therefore it is important to know what US public opinion towards immigration and immigrants is.

Public opinion towards immigration varies greatly in the US depending on who you ask. That being said there are very clearly some trends that can be seen. There are people who believe that immigration is a good thing for the country and think that it should be encouraged while others believe that it is a bad thing and that the number of people allowed in should be reduced. In general the people who are themselves immigrants are the ones who are most likely to support the idea of allowing people to move to the country.

One factor that seems to affect the opinions of a lot of people on immigration is how well off they are financially, or rather how secure their jobs are. People who work in the professions where they are unlikely to face competition for jobs from immigrants are far more supportive than those who work in unskilled or laboring jobs where there is likely to be a threat of job loss if there are too many immigrants competing with them for employment. There also seems to be a fear that in the jobs that the immigrants are most likely to take that wages will be forced down. The actual evidence for this is pretty minimal but it is a fear and it does lead to the opinion that immigration is a problem.

The number of illegal immigrants entering the country has also really had an impact on public opinion when it comes to immigration. Unfortunately it has given some people the impression that all immigrants are illegal and that they are somehow cheating the system. This has had the effect of making it harder for people immigrate legally which just increases the illegal immigration problem. The result is that a lot of people are very suspicious of immigrants.

Unfortunately there is an element of racism in the opinions that some people have of immigration these days. The United States was founded by immigrants from Europe who all come from similar cultures and religions. However these days very few immigrants come from Europe, the result is that that US has become a much more diverse nation. There are some people who are afraid that this is going to change American culture and this is something that they don't want. The result is that there is quite a bit of opposition to immigration. That being said there are also a large number of people who welcome the diversity that immigrants bring and are happy to have them.