Types of temporary admission to the US.

While most of the attention of people looking to go to the US is focused on how to stay permanently it is important to realize that there are also ways that you can enter the country temporarily. Some of these temporary visas will allow you to stay and work for years so this may be a good option if you are looking for a way to work in the US.

Far and away the most common way to be admitted to US on a temporary basis is as a visitor. Every year millions of tourists visit the country. This may or may not require a visa depending on where you are from. Most people who visit the US under this category will be admitted simply by showing up at the border. However for citizens of some countries it will be necessary to get a visa before you go. Since this changes all the time you will want to check with the US Border Service to see who currently requires a visa to enter the US.

The next most likely way that you would gain temporary admission to the US would be on a student visa. Every year students from around the world come to the US to study and in order to do so they usually need to have a student visa. These are pretty easy to arrange after you have been accepted to a school in the United States. With this visa you are normally allowed to have a part time job while you are attending school.

The next most likely way that you will get a temporary visa to the US would be as a temporary worker. The vast majority of these are to citizens of countries that have a trade agreement with the US that allows workers to move between the countries. The most common of these are issued to Mexicans under the terms of NAFTA, Canadians don't actually need the visa. There are other ways that you can come to the US as a temporary worker however most of these require that the potential employer be able to show that he couldn't find an American for the job.

There are quite a few other ways that you can be admitted to the US temporarily. Many of these are for a very specific purpose like the crews of airliners or ships that are serving the US. There are exchange programs with a number of countries with which a certain number of people from a country will be admitted to the US and a certain number of Americans will be admitted to the other country. The most common of these are the youth worker exchange programs with which people between the ages of eighteen and twenty five can get a visa allowing them to live and work in the US for up to a year.